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Operating instructions

It is necessary to follow instructions in order to provide trouble-free and correct work of the watch during its service life.

Certificate: carefully read the description of watch and manual for control and adjustment of the movement specified on the label.

Precious metal: jewelry watch, just like any other piece of jewelry, requires special handling. Store your watch in dry place and after each use wipe it with microfiber that comes in the delivery set. If the case gets dark, it is recommended to use abrasive-free jewelry-care products. Watches made of silver and white gold are protected with rhodium plating (0.2 μm). Service life of the coating depends on watch wearing intensity and timely care.

Temperature: do not store the watch in direct sunlight and in places with high and low temperature (below 0°C/32°F and above 45°C/113°F). For example, dashboard under windscreen of a car heats up to 70°C/158°F in a hot summer day. Protect the watch against sudden temperature changes. It may affect watch accuracy and decorative elements safety.

Magnetic field: try not to leave the watch close to domestic magnetic emission sources – for example, on microwave oven or on audio system speaker. Strong magnetic field affects watch accuracy and may result in movement failure.

Chemical agents: in order to avoid formation of deposit, oxidation traces or metal darkening prevent the watch from contact with caustic chemical agents – especially petrol, solvents, detergents, cosmetics, glue, perfume, medical supplies etc.

Shocks: avoid shocks, falling and strong vibrations – these are the most frequent reasons to address to service centers, but unfortunately they are not covered by the warranty.

Crown: excess force applied to crown may cause unrecoverable deformation of the watch, movement failure or loss of watch accuracy.

Water: if the inside of the watch glass has steamed up or if there is a reason to suppose that there is water inside the watch, it is necessary to bring it as soon as possible to NIKA Watch Factory specialists (Russia, Moscow) or to service center Degron (France, Pulnoy).

Leather strap: in order to avoid deformation and discoloration it is recommended to protect the strap from water, high humidity, long-term exposure to sunlight, any contact with cosmetics and substances containing fat. In order to avoid watch case damage it is recommended to replace the strap or install a bracelet in certified service centers only.

In order to provide trouble-free work, your watch, just like any other precision instrument, must be regularly maintained including cleaning and change of oil, sealing gaskets, movement check and adjustment, battery replacement. It is recommended to do maintenance at least 1 time in 2-3 years.